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The Referee is the ultimate authority during the game. The referee's chief responsibilities are to make the game as fun, fair and safe for the players as possible. The referee enforces the rules - which, in soccer, are called "Laws" - by calling offenses and determining if goals have been scored.

Referee's Assistants (aka Linespersons) provide vital assistance to the referee by signaling when the ball has gone out of play and which team gets possession. Referee's Assistants also assist with substitutions and the general control of the game.

Refereeing is by no means a perfect science, and there is no such thing as a perfect referee. Calling a game requires many judgement calls. It is our responsibility as players and parents to accept those judgements, whether you agree or not, and to keep three very important things in mind regarding these Officials.

1) They are volunteers.

2) They are human beings.

3) They are out there for one reason, and one reason only -FOR THE KIDS.

The referee or referee's assistant play a critical part in the game of soccer, and our organization in general. They have a very demanding, and often times, thankless job.

All AYSO Region 345 officials have been trained and certified. We require that they conduct themselves in a professional manner, and that they show respect for the players, coaches and spectators. Likewise, we expect our players, coaches and parents to give officials the respect and credit they deserve. It can be as simple as thanking the referee for calling your game, even if your team did not win. Or telling the referee when they make a good call, even if it was against your team. These simple acts also serve another very important purpose - It will build character in our children and provide them with proper role models.

We need to work together as a league and support each other so that we can keep AYSO Region 345 Soccer the way it was meant to be.Fun For Everyone.

If you would like to help us out this season, please give us a call. We are listed on the Volunteer Board & Staff page.

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