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10 Reasons Coaching

10 Reasons Coaching In AYSO Is Perfect For You

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Spend time with your child.

Coaching is a great way to share your child’s soccer experience, while giving you a great new perspective on how your child is growing as an athlete and individual. It's a great way to make everlasting memories with your child.

Learn more about the game of soccer.

Whether you're new to the game of soccer or a seasoned coach, AYSO Region 345 provides free training clinics at appropriate age levels to get you started. You'll also have access to experienced mentors to help you throughout the season.

Set your own practice schedule.

You can eliminate potential schedule conflicts by selecting either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday for practice days.

Exercise and get outdoors.

Coaching will get you outside and working out. You have a reason to get away from the gym!

Be a part of a sports team.

Rather than simply being a passive spectator on the sidelines at your child's games, you can enjoy being a part of a team! As a coach, you will help instill the work ethic at practices, train your players, foster teamwork and communication, set the game day positions and strategies, feel the pregame butterflies, lead your team to a fun and successful game and celebrate with new friends and family throughout the course of the season.

Show kids how to have fun!

AYSO promotes soccer in a fun, safe and fair environment where everyone gets to play at least half of every game. You'll be able to show your kids how to have fun while learning and applying soccer skills, coming together as a team and competing.

Make an impact on young lives.

Over and beyond soccer and athleticism, through positive coaching, you'll have the opportunity to teach life-long lessons to your team. You will also have a hand in building their personal self-confidence, which they'll be able to take with them off the field, applying it to the rest of their lives. Some lessons you will be able to teach your team are: how to be a gracious and respectful winner/loser; teamwork; practice; work ethic; communication; trust; selflessness; and respect.

Make new friends in other parents.

Your team will also include the parents of your players, which will help you and your players with assistant coaching, training, refereeing, team communication and AYSO Region 345 volunteering. It’s a great way to meet other parents and make life-long friends.

Build your own confidence.

Having the trust and respect of your team can give you an amazing feeling.

Set an example of volunteerism.

Children of parents who volunteer will more often themselves become volunteers, having been instilled with the desire of giving back to their community just like their own parent-coach did.

And one bonus reason–volunteers are what keeps AYSO Region 345 so affordable!
If interested, please contact Mike James at (561) 254-9760 Region 345 Coach Administrator

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